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Steak-a-licious Bacon Wrapped Chopped Beef Steaks
These Products are Tender, Delicious and Ready to Cook

Steak-a-licious ProductsThe USDA graded beef steak or chicken breast is processed by “finely carving” for improved tenderness. This very fine shaved meat absorbs a special marinade and when wrapped in succulent smokey bacon, combines for a tender, juicy and flavorful product that can only be described as STEAK-A-LICIOUS!

A Delicious Experience

The awesome flavor of Bacon and Steak or Chicken will make your mouth beg for more!Steak and Potato Skillet Picture

Steak-a-licious may be a new name, but the time tested flavor of these products keeps hungry mouths begging for more. Have you ever had a craving that you just couldn’t satisfy? Maybe your mouth was asking for the delicious savory, smoky flavor of Steak-a-lcious. When asked to describe the steak-a-licious chopped beef steak product, one customer replied simply, “addicting!” You just can’t beat the combination of flavors derived from our secret blend of USDA graded shaved beef steak, special marinade and hickory smoked bacon.

Good Times

Steak-a-licious is THE PRODUCT for Fun, Family and Friends!Good Times Picture

Steak-a-licious products are top shelf entrees when served at  family gatherings, picnics, parties, tailgating events, or just about any other casual occasion where having a good time is important. Good times and great memories are made with the help of flavorful, tender and great tasting Steak-a-licious products.

Amazingly Great Value!

The economy is in a down turn, but Steak-a-licious remains a very affordable value!

As shoppers cut back spending on proteins, Steak-a-licious products deliver a great value that allows families to still have steak night, while not spending a lot of their food dollars for it. What other steak product offers a thick, juicy, and “satisfy your craving for steak” experience for about a buck a portion?

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